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Glad You Came by The Wanted ā€” 5,979 plays


Iā€™m glad you came :)

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ā€” I’M Sorry
siting here going back on my old messages from her.. make me think alot things ..i know i wasn’t the most easy person to be with but some how she put up wit me .. she was there for me when i was sad , stressed , irritated, piss off but she always mange to put a smile on my face and make me feel better .. she never gave up on me when i gave up on myself .. n now she gone i regret it and just want to say that i’m sorry for everything i put you though and thank you for being there for me when i needed someone .. if i can go back and change everything the only thing i would change is to never let you go and never let you walk way from me
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ā€” so true

Aquarius and Aries

This relationship is a lively one, full of friendly competition and energy. These two are both quick thinkers who love to dive into random odd topics and come up with exciting ideas. Aries and Aquarius can talk for hours on end and their list of social activities would be nearly endless. Passion might take a while to develop though, as Aquarius takes a while to warm up. These two will make a good couple but possibly even better as just friends.

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Name: Nan Chen
Birthday: 01-28-1989
Place Of Birth: China ( Fuzhou )
Raise Up: Elmhurst New York
Goal: Military (U.S. Marine Corp)
About Me: I Like to Chill wit ppl and friends, play Video Game, go out, Play basketball and going to the movies and facebook and listen to music